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Get outdoors!  The Middle River watershed supports an array of recreational opportunities for fishing, photography, wildlife watching, relaxing, and river habitat exploring. Getting to know and understand the river ecosystem gives us knowledge and appreciation to support her.

Join FOMR.  Be a Friend of the Middle River, and give your time or money or both.


Discard toxic household items (batteries, paint, motor oil, etc.) responsibly. Augusta County hosts a Hazardous Waste Collection Day every fall.


Practice Water Conservation.  Avoid wasting precious water by fixing leaky faucets and taking shorter showers. Leaving a faucet running while brushing your teeth can waste two gallons a minute! Take short showers. An eight-minute shower uses 40 gallons of water.

Advocate for best practices for river health with your property manager or landlord.

I rent and do not own or maintain the property.


What can I do?

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