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Become a Member "Friend"!

Check your interests below!

Membership is free and signs you up to get our newsletter so you can find out about all our activities and events

Activities such as cleanups, riparian buffer maintenance

Activities such as planning or leading float trips, site stewardship at our access sites or other yet-to-be-dreamed-of fun river events

Activities representing FOMR at festivals and environmental events, educating the public and selling raffle tickets. Also could include presenting to groups, developing teaching materials, teaching in small groups for adults or kids

Activities include E. coli monitoring, benthic monitoring and nutrient monitoring.

To enroll as a paddler, someone will call you to briefly discuss how the program works and its requirements. For landowners who are considering adding your property into our program so paddlers can seek permission to put-in or take-out their boats from your land, we'll call you to start the discusson!

Thanks...we'll be in touch!

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