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FriendsFest is an annual FOMR late summer BBQ picnic where the winning ticket is drawn for the summer raffle of a new kayak and other great raffle prizes. It is a fun afternoon of fellowship with our members, guests, friends and family to celebrate the beauty and privilege of having this wonderful river and local resource. 

We gather usually on a Sunday afternoon in September at a host property on the River.  Folks arrive by boat and car, and all come with a dish to share, tales to swap and a hunger for locally sourced barbeque that FOMR provides.  All our members and friends are invited, we just ask you to RSVP so we know how much BBQ to order!

Kids, of course, are welcome, but please no pets.


In recent years, over a hundred folks have attended each year. We eat first and socialize. Then we have a short report about the past year’s efforts to improve water quality, collaborate with local landowners, and get more folks on the River.  We acknowledge our volunteers - the backbone of FOMR - and present some of the projects coming down the pike. By informing this audience, we hope to encourages ideas, interest and volunteers.


Then we pull the winning raffle tickets for the prizes! You do not have to be present to win. Last minute raffle tickets are available for purchase at the picnic.  You can also purchase an FOMR T-shirt at the picnic. The raffle ticket sales are FOMR’s main summer fundraising event, and sales of the tickets directly support our mission.


Fellowship is the centerpiece of this gathering, and each year many new friendships are born and community relationships fostered. We love this treasure we call "The Middle"  and want to share and celebrate it with you!

In 2020 and 2021, we had to cancel the in-person FriendsFest picnic due to Covid.  Below, you can watch the videos we made to announce the raffle prize winners in lieu of our in-person gathering.

We hope you’ll join us at our next FriendsFest!


We hope you were able to join the fun picnic this year and we look forward to celebrating again September, 2023!




FriendsFest BBQ Picnic and Raffle Drawing
2021 Kayak Picture.jpg
FriendsFest 2020 Video

FriendsFest 2022      Double click on the slide deck gallery above to open full-size photos.

Raffle Prizes

Friends Fest 2019

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