FOMR Paddle Trips
Spontaneous Float Trips

Like pick-up basketball games…we throw a paddle trip together on very short notice for whomever can join. Spontaneous float trips are free, but do not include insurance coverage. We announce spontaneous trips only on our Facebook page and usually only 1-2 days in advance of the trip.

What are FOMR spontaneous float trips?

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Paddling with your household members is a great way to get outside and connect to the other-than-human world in a socially distanced, safe activity!  Even during COVID, we are continuing  offering trip opportunities, generally once a month from April to September.

However, FOMR has adapted our paddle trip program to keep you safe during COVID. For our part, we will do the trip planning, secure landowner permissions, provide driving directions, and be at the put-in to help you get started on your trip. There is no fee for these trips, however, we will not be providing any insurance.


FOMR will NOT be leading the actual float trip, you will be paddling on your own. However, we will scout the river in the days before the trip to look for hazards and conditions of which we can make you aware.

No organization can absolutely eliminate risks associated with Covid-19. This is a “paddle at your own risk” float, and FOMR encourages all floaters to adhere to CDC guidelines on Covid-19.  

  • Float parties are recommended to consist of persons who have been staying at home with each other for the past recent months, not mixed households

  • We request you practice physical distancing throughout the event

  • In addition to your canoe or kayak, personal floatation device and other supplies, we request you bring face masks for each person in your party for use while on land or in the vicinity of persons not in your household as recommended by the Governor's guidance

As usual, our goal is to help members and the public be

introduced to the River which has no public access. Our hope is that once you have experienced access to the River, you will feel more confident and comfortable going back and paddling the River on your own through our River Access Program.


Skill Level

The Middle River is generally a very good beginner-level river to paddle. At normal water levels, there are no rapids that are greater than a category I. Often, if someone falls out of a boat in a rapid, the water would not be too deep nor too swift for the person to stand and walk out of the riffle. Our trips are designed to be easy-paced. Most trips last two to four hours on the water.

In non-COVID times, we sometimes offer themed trips (like wildflower or birding trips) and we offer nighttime floats. Paddling a river at night is a little more difficult and disorienting due to the lack of light. We require that participants in our after-dark float trips have the ability to completely control their craft: ability to steer, stop, hold their boat still in slower moving water. Kids are welcome on all our trips, but night floats require a higher level of skill and are not good choices for novice paddlers.

Occasionally we will offer other trips on Middle or other rivers that may have advanced skill requirements.

How big are the groups? Can anyone sign up?

The number of reservation spaces varies by trip based on the parking space available at put-ins and take-outs. Unless otherwise stated for any given trip, anyone with a canoe or kayak can participate. Our trips are popular, and we maintain waiting lists when trips fill.

Is there insurance available for the trips?

​During the COVID pandemic, we are not providing any trip insurance.

What if the weather is lousy?

Canoe and kayak events— by their nature— are subject to change or cancellation due to high water, weather or other natural hazardous conditions. If there is any question as to whether any given float trip is on, stay in close touch with us, as we will do with you! We always schedule a back-up rain date for every trip, and we make the final call about whether to go or postpone usually the day before the trip. Any questions, please email Kate at or call 540-609-8267.