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Rent Paddle Films

and Proceeds Support FOMR!

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FOMR is delighted to be partnering with the Paddling Film Festival to bring you exciting, inspiring and thoughtful paddling documentaries that you can rent and watch from home on your own schedule. When you rent a film through our link, FOMR, 50% of the rental money you pay comes to FOMR! In order for us to earn the donation, rent your films through the button below

You win, FOMR wins!

There are many years of films to choose from. You can watch single films, or packages. Prices start at about $15-20 for a couple hours of viewing time and you have access to the rental for about 10 days. Stream the online programs to your phone, tablet, or computer or cast to your TV using AirPlay, Chromecast, Miracast, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick or HDMI.

Enjoy canoeing, kayaking and rafting films from around the world… under the headings of “Adreniline,” “Culture (Voices)” or “Adventure!”

Make some popcorn, spice up your home viewing and help support FOMR whenever it suits you!

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