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We live in a sweet spot in time and space here in Augusta County, Virginia, in 2024. The natural beauty and resources make our area the envy of many. Friends of Middle River consider Middle River a big part of this sweet spot, and as we move into another year, we are excited and determined to bring more Middle River to you. Our Mission to promote the stewardship and enjoyment of the Middle River Watershed through volunteer action, education, science, and outreach guides us to find more ways to help us all understand, love, and conserve this fantastic natural resource.


We have some big changes this year. A new Watershed Coordinator, Savannah Fersner, and a Strategic Outreach Coordinator, Gabe Glover, join our team. We are very excited about these wonderful young people and look forward to this new year and new possibilities. We are also bringing back Middle River float trips this year, so regularly check out our website and newsletters for more information. Going forward, we will continue our programs to monitor the river, clean up trash, and teach others about the Middle River's life-giving force and the many recreational opportunities it provides.


I have been blessed by being part of this unique grassroots organization, and I hope you will consider joining us in our mission. We constantly seek more friends to make a difference in our local world and beyond. Feel free to explore our website. It has a wealth of information about Middle River, FOMR, and how to make a difference.  


I hope to see you in, on, or around Middle River this year. 



John Bauman, Board Chair




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