Like the rest of the world, FOMR had to reassess our activities during 2020. While FOMR’s 10th anniversary was not celebrated like we wanted to, we were still able to provide much needed access to the river with float trips and we continued monitoring and clean-up activities thanks to board members, volunteers and generous landowners.  We even delivered Friends Fest virtually! If you haven’t seen it yet, click here.


It is still hard to determine when we might return to previous levels of education and other activities, but FOMR is committed to its mission of promoting the stewardship and enjoyment of the Middle River Watershed through volunteer action, education, science, and outreach.

This January, the board recommitted themselves and filled all needed executive committee positions. We took the “temperature” of board members, by way of a survey, regarding FOMR priorities. After some minor adjustments to committee titles and responsibilities to better reflect their purpose, current board members stepped up to also fill all committee chair positions. These committees are broad titles and include sub-committees that perform the activities. For example, the newly renamed Science Committee includes the sub-committees of E.coli, benthic and other monitoring. The Community Programs committee includes the Friends Fest, float trips and River Access Program (RAP).  These sub-committees need volunteers to plan and execute all these activities. You can see more about our committee structure here. When we can resume education programs like Earth Day Staunton and Kites and Critters, we’ll need more of our member volunteers to help provide these services.


On very positive notes, the FOMR finances have remained stable. Even during these difficult times, our sponsors and donors have been generous and FOMR remains financially strong. Our new website has an incredible wealth of information suitable to satisfy the most intrepid citizen scientist or local history buff.

I really can’t say any activity or service FOMR provides is more important than another, but I bet we can find a spot for your volunteer skills and interests, whether it’s a once a year event or monthly monitoring.  Find out more by surfing the website or giving our Watershed Administrator, Kate Guenther, a call to find out more and find your spot with FOMR.


Nancy Owens, Board Chairperson

Jan. 21, 2021


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