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Executive Committee

Chairman of the Board: John Bauman

Vice-Chair: Marion Bittinger

Secretary: Jeanine Botkin

Treasurer: Jeanine Botkin

        Watershed Administrator: Kate Guenther


Committee Coordinators

Fundraising Committee:

       Chair: Open


Science Committee

        Chair: Karen Andersen

         Benthic Monitoring: Pete Cooper

         E. coli Monitoring: Todd Holt 


Stewardship Committee


Chair: Dave Mangun

        Cleanup: Dave Mangun

        StreamSweepers: Wayne Nolde, John Bauman

        Riparian: open

Education Committees

Chair: Jo-el Nelson    


Community and River Access Activities

         Chair: Nancy Owens

        Friends Fest: Nancy Stevenson

        River Access Program: Wayne Nolde

Media and Public Relations Committee

          Chair: Antonio Martinez

        Website: Kate Guenther

        Social Media Coordinator: open

        Newsletters: Kate Guenther

Leadership Development Committee

         Chair: Marion Bittinger


Board of Directors   & Staff

Karen Anderson

Peter Barlow

John Bauman

Marion Bittinger

Jeanine Botkin

David Fuller

Kate Guenther

Dave Mangun

Antonio Martinez

Joe McCue

Wayne Nolde

Nancy Owens

Nancy Stevenson

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