Executive Committee

Chairman of the Board: Nancy Owens

Vice-Chair: John Bauman

Secretary: Tom Shapcott

Treasurer: Jeanine Botkin

        Watershed Administrator: Kate Guenther


Committee Coordinators

Fundraising Committee:

       Chair: Lonni Neavear


Science Committee

        Chair: Pete Cooper

         Benthic Monitoring: Pete Cooper

         E. coli Monitoring: Tom Shapcott   


Stewardship Committee


Chair: Dave Mangun

        Cleanup: Dave Mangun

        StreamSweepers: Wayne Nolde, John Bauman

        Riparian: open

Education Committees

Chair: Marion Bittinger      

        ​​Earth Day Staunton: Lonni Neavear

        Kites ‘n Critters: open

        Mobile Education Unit: open

Community and River Access Activities

         Chair: Paul Bryant

        Friends Fest: Carolyn Ford

        Float Trips: Sandy Lyon

        River Access Program: Wayne Nolde

Media and Public Relations Committee

          Chair: Antonio Martinez

        Website: Kate Guenther, Michael Corcoran, Marion Bittinger, Riley Murray, Adam Smith

        Social Media: Meg Beebe

        Newsletters: Kate Guenther

Board of Directors   & Staff

Karen Anderson

John Bauman

Marion Bittinger

Jeanine Botkin

Paul Bryant

Pete Cooper

Carolyn Ford

David Fuller

Kate Guenther

Dave Mangun

Antonio Martinez

Joe McCue

Lonni Neavear

Wayne Nolde

Nancy Owens

Tom Shapcott