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Southern  Sojourn
Paddle Trip

Date:  Saturday, September 17

Start Time: 11am

Approximate length of trip: approximately 4 hours or 6.9 miles

Rivers: end of Middle River, onto North River, finish at the South Fork of Shenandoah River 

Cost: Free

(Backup Raindate: Sunday, September 18 )


Our final group trip of the 2022 paddle season is a little longer trip….about 4 hours on the river. We will paddle on Middle River,  North River and end at the South Fork of the Shenandoah River in Port Republic. We’ll pass through wooded  areas and farmland. One’s experience on this stretch is based on water levels. Levels could change, but the water has generally been low this season. Where we start, the river is broad and but might require exiting boats and walking them past the strawberry farm. From that point to the confluence with the North River and past is fairly deep and comfortable. There are no significant rapids or cascades until about halfway between Timber Ridge Road and Port Republic. There will be some “rock gardens” to navigate through and again, challenge depends on water level.  This is one of my (Ben Carr, trip front-runner) favorite stretches and is manageable for all levels of experience.  The challenge is more a matter of a boat getting stuck on rocks than of capsizing.



FOMR will:

• get permission from the landowners​

• provide volunteers to paddle as front-runners and to follow behind the group​

• give you written driving directions to the put-in and to the take-out

  • coordinate the shuttle of the group’s vehicles



•  provide your own boats, paddles, fishing gear and required life vests and required whistles/horns

  • Self-assess their suitability for paddling



You drive your vehicle to the put-in site and drop your boat and gear there. We’ll have someone stay with your boat and gear while all the rest of us drive our vehicles to the take-out and you park there. Then we will drive you back to the put-in. We all get organized and launch as a group. After we complete the trip, you load your boats and gear to your awaiting vehicle and are free to take off to the rest of your day. We will need a couple people to volunteer to drive paddle trip volunteers back to their vehicles at the put-in right at the end.



FOMR’s paddle trip program offers opportunities for "common adventurers” to come together to paddle on a river that has previously been somewhat inaccessible to the public. Our trip volunteers are not required to have any specific training—they are just FOMR members who are willing to help others experience the River. They are not group leaders or guides.


You as a participant are responsible for determining if you are prepared for this particular trip on this river. Paddling can be quite dangerous. All trip participants assume full responsibility for their own safety. If you would like to discuss a trip’s suitability for your skills, feel free to contact Kate at


We have a number of materials we have developed for you to self-evaluate your paddle skills and to educate yourself about common hazards of river paddling available via our website. We encourage you to review these:




Paddle events— by their nature— are subject to change or cancellation due to water levels, weather or other natural hazardous conditions. Once you sign up, and are notified that you are registered, we will email you with more details about exactly where to meet, or if any of the trip details change or if the trip is postponed or cancelled.

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