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Whisky Creek Tree Planting, 2021

On a warm, sunny December 4, upwards of 40 folks (13 of whom were from FOMR!) volunteered their Saturday to plant riparian tree seedlings at a farm in Churchville belonging to Bobby Whitescarver and Jeanne Hoffman. The landowners have dubbed their little stream Rye Branch and it flows into Whiskey Creek, a tributary of Middle River.

Approximately 300 tree and shrub seedlings were planted in tree shelters on 1 acre of field: black walnuts, black willows, sycamores, viburnums and downy serviceberry.

Volunteers turned out representing a number of organizations including FOMR, The Alliance of the Shenandoah Valley, the Isaak Walton League of America, James Madison University, Conservation Services, Altenergy, the Chesapeake Bay Alliance and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation plus personal friends of the family.

Funding support for the project was provided by the Headwaters Soil and Water Conservation District and the Dupont-Waynesboro Natural Resource Restoration Settlement monies.


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