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E. coli Monitoring Results

May, 2023

The result from this month's testing are quite low E. coli numbers due to us receiving very little rain this month.

E. coli results are based on the number of E. coli Colony Forming Units or CFU per 100 milliliters of water (approximately 3.4 ounces) – CFU/100ml

Per current Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ) standards, there is no longer a safe E. coli level based on a single water sample but this is now based on a 90-day period of analysis. The bottom line is that 410 CFU is considered the upper limit of safety based on that 90-day analysis. The math is a bit complicated in making the final determination of safety but if you want more details feel free to shoot us an email and we'll explain the changes further.

Safe  – means the E. coli level is below the VDEQ Standard of 410 – water is safe for recreational use

Unsafe – means the E. coli level is above the VDEQ of 410 – water is unsafe for recreational use


Lower Middle River Watershed

Below find the most recent readings. All readings are from bridges that cross Middle River:

Route 250 (Staunton)  134 Safe

Union Church Road (Staunton)   67 Safe

Lebanon Church Road (Staunton)  134 Safe

Route 11 (Verona)  0 Safe

Windswept Road (Verona)  0 Safe

Dam Town Road (Fort Defiance) 34 Safe

Cline Ridge Road (Grottoes)  67 Safe

Craig Shop Road (Weyers Cave) 134 Safe

Lower Middle River complete data spreadsheet  HERE!

Overview summary in graph form HERE!

Results of High Frequency Monitoring  - DEQ/FOMR June-August 2022 HERE!


Christians Creek Watershed

FOMR ran a program to monitor E. coli at 12 sites along Christians Creek from July 2019 to June 2021.



Read a summary of the data from this program HERE (Jul. 2019-June, 2021).


Upper Middle River Watershed

FOMR ran a program to monitor E. coli at 16 sites along Upper Middle River from July 2015 to December 2020.



Read a summary of the data from this programHERE  (Jul. 2015-Dec. 2020).

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