Restoring Our Middle River

Art  and Photography Activity

Welcome to the first of two activities FOMR is offering this year as a part of Earth Day Staunton 2021! This easy, family-friendly activity is done by utilizing this website and then going out in our watershed to find examples of activities that Restore Our River!                 

See the full list of all of Earth Day Staunton 2021 activities from all the different organizations HERE!


Who:All ages and families!

What: Create a photo or drawing related to restoring the Middle River


When: Thru May 17.

Where: From your home, and along any creek or tributary in our Middle River Watershed including such tributaries as:

  • Lewis Creek

  • Moffett Branch

  • Christians Creek

  • Eidson Creek

  • and others

Please keep in mind that the banks of Middle River are all on private property

Look for this drawing of Critter Crayfish to clue you into useful information on the pages we direct you to!

Crayfish 1.PNG

My name is Critter Crayfish!

How-to Do This Activity:

1. Go to the following 3 pages of our website and read about ways that Friends of the Middle River helps to restore our Middle River Watershed. When you are on each page, look for the picture of Critter Crayfish to guide you where to read. Words written in Critter Crayfish Color are a clue! Check out these pages:

2. Make a drawing or take a photo that shows something we do to help restore the river. Also, write one or two sentences explaining how your photo or drawing relates to making the river healthy again. Use your imagination!

Or, you can use one of these examples. Fill in the blank:


  • “Riparian buffers are important because___________….” and include a photo or drawing of a plant, or plants, or trees you would find in a riparian buffer

  • “Water quality monitoring (E. coli, benthic, nutrient or salt) monitoring helps to_____________…” and include photos or drawings of people fishing, swimming, wading, or boating

  • "Cleaning the Middle River watershed of litter helps to___________….” and include photo/drawing of cleanup efforts, or trash in the water


Use your imagination! Anything is acceptable as long as it relates in some way to the restoration of Middle River.

3. Share your photo or drawing on social media using the hashtag #RestoreOurEarthFOMR or you can email it to us at Please include your first name and last initial ONLY on drawings and photos. Submit by April 30. By submitting your photo or drawing, you are giving Friends of the Middle River permission to share it on Facebook, Instagram or on this Website. No last names will be used. Please do not copy photos off the internet because these may be protected by copyright laws.


Here's some ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

by Lonni N..jpg