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2021 Middle River Clean Up

Our annual Middle River cleanup this year will be done by various teams on various days between August 21-29.

The DEADLINE to indicate your interest to help this year is August 1.  Sign up HERE.


Based on your response  to the questions at the above  link, you may get a second followup questionnaire in a few weeks after we have our team leaders and schedules established. It will be in the SECOND QUESTIONNAIRE that you get to choose your role, team and workdate.

If you know someone who wants to be involved, feel free to forward THIS link to them so they can sign up! If you have multiple people you want to sign kids in your family or a whole church group or scout troop you can indicate that without each individual signing up right now.

Thank you for helping us get our planning started!

You can read more about our cleanup program generally HERE.

Questions, call Kate 540-609-8267.

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