Splash ‘n Dash Canoe/Kayak Race Results

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On August 17th, 22 participants competed in our 2nd Annual Splash ‘n Dash Canoe/Kayak Race.

Winners and runners-up of the three divisions included:

Tandem Canoe Winner:  “Hunny Duo” – Nancy Owens, Roger Robinson, & Hunny the dog
Tandem Canoe Runner-up:  “T Squared” – Katie & Neil Tucker

Solo Canoe Winner:  “Old Boater” – John Sills
Solo Canoe Runner-up:  “Dragula” – Rob Cone

Kayak Winner:  “Dragula” – Rob Cone
Kayak Runner-up:  “Star Hawk” – Aiden Miller

Many thanks to Dawn and Alan Meadows for hosting Splash ‘n Dash.

A Splash ‘n Dash video created by Nathan Moore from footage taken on race day by Joe Moore, Rachel Clemmer, Rob Cone, and Dan Shaffer captures the spirit of the race.


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