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Our clean up day on Bald Rock Road was a tremendous success. The kidswere very enthusiastic, and they worked together very well with little need for supervision. Two teachers were there to help out. The weather was beautiful, and I think everything went very well.

The kids found some very interesting stuff – computers, a flat screen TV, and a rather large wooden boat. The consensus of everyone was that the most surprising thing we found in the river was an upside down car! Apparently, it has been there for quite some time because trees are growing out of it.

Altogether about 25 bags of trash were deposited into the dumpster, and the boat was taken to the landfill.

I went down to the Sheriff’s office to report the car. Even though I told them it had been there for a long time, they dispatched a fire and rescue vehicle, which apparently is county procedure. I am not sure if anyone will do anything to remove this car.

Listed below are the students and teachers from Fort Defiance high school along with the participating groups they represented:

Allison Alexander – Key Club

Chelsey Hensley – National Honor Society

Janelly Lopez – National Honor Society

Jessica Stiek – Key Club

Samantha Lamas – Key Club

Angela Sheffer – Key Club, Ecology Club

Zack Gurkin – Natural Resources

Steve Carter – Key Club

Sam Carter – Natural Resources

Patrick Wadi – Natural Resources, Ecology, Envirothon

L. Tober – Envirothon, Senior Project

Alden Hough – Envirothon, Natural Resources

Max Hill, Science Teacher

Brent Hull – Science Teacher, Envirothon Coordinator

Bill Knarr – FOMR

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