Middle River Float #1

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On Saturday, June 24th, FOMR’s Paddle America Club sponsored it’s first Middle River Float.

Paddlers floated from Verona to Ft. Defiance (along Bailey Road) – a distance of approximately nine river miles.  The float started at FOMR’s new access site at the bridge across Middle River in Verona.

If you click on this link  you can download a map showing the route on the River.  You will see two small yellow boxes – one is at the starting point at mile marker 29.5 and one is at the end point at mile marker 20.2.

Mile markers on a river start at the point where the river ends, not where it begins.  Middle River ends when it flows into North River near Weyers Cave.  It flows into North River at mile marker 0.  So, mile marker 29.5, where we started the float, is 29.5 river miles upstream from where Middle River flows into North River.

Stay tuned for our next float trip in July!

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