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Middle River Cleanup September 12th, 13th, 16th

Thanks to our volunteers, 7 1/2 miles of Middle River and 3/4 mile of Lewis Creek got cleaned-up.

214 tires and a gravestone were among the debris pulled from the River & Creek.


Marion & Crew

Thank you to:

JMU students Kelcy Jackson, Jesmine Roberts-Torres, Audrey Siebels, Grant Rybnicky, Joshua Schmidt, and Jessica Troutman who worked with the “Tire Crews.”

Tom Yeago of the Lewis Creek Advisory  Committee and Mary Baldwin students Tevenah Charlemagne, Choi Eunbee, Linda Hoach, Breanna Rodriguez-Jeff, Carla Cisneros, Melissa Lovretich, Madison Bergstrom, Jazzlyn Manning, Kayla, and Bria Shelton.

Daily News Leader reporter Traci Moyer and friend John, and photographer Mike Tripp.

Master Naturalists Sue Eckroth and Peggy Plass.

VDGIF volunteers Paul Bugas and Justin Heflin.

18 Virginia Eagle Distributing volunteers organized by Crystal Heinz and Cameron Pritt.  They found the gravestone.

FOMR volunteers Dave Mangun, Roger Robinson, Neil Tucker, Sarah & Chad Rhinehart, Joe Thompson, Marion Bittinger, Antonio Martinez, Jordan Bowman, Ken Knorr, Reese & Pamela Bull, Bill Crainor, Pete Aaslestad, Tom Rodriquez, Janet Joseph, Ginny Hoffman, John Griffin, Debra Obenschain, Joe Grossman, Charlie Huppuch, and Joe McCue.



Virginia Eagle



214 Tires!


“Barrelling” Along!


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