Friends of the Middle River partners with StreamSweepers in 2019

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Friends of the Middle River (FOMR) is excited to announce the beginning of a multi-year partnership with StreamSweepers, a charitable non-profit out of Orange, VA.

StreamSweepers is a Job Corps Program that provides comprehensive river cleaning and assessment services for entire watersheds. In addition to cleaning up river trash, StreamSweepers can provide on-going service and riparian assessments of river valley health. StreamSweepers is funded through the generosity of riverside landowners wanting to improve the beauty and value of their riverside property frontage as well as through donations by any party or individual concerned about their local rivers and streams.

How will FOMR and StreamSweepers work together? FOMR Volunteer Wayne Nolde has agreed to lead the FOMR team that coordinates with StreamSweepers. In 2019, FOMR will conduct the trash assessment of Middle River to determine where the debris currently is using GPS equipment to “map the trash.” Then, hopefully in 2020, StreamSweepers will be ready to provide the experts and staffing to clean up the parts of Middle River that FOMR does not normally clean up, or to get items that are too bulky or difficult for FOMR volunteers to handle.

StreamSweepers is now fundraising for this project, so they can start cleanup next year.

Does this mean, FOMR will not be doing late summer river cleanup? NO! We fully intend to have our river cleanup week in mid-August, 2019, same as last year. So, if cleaning trash out of Middle River scratches your stewardship itch, you can help in two different ways: consider donating to StreamSweepers via the following Middle River project link,  and join our FOMR volunteer effort this August.

Check out the excellent video documentary of what StreamSweepers did on their Rapidan River project:

Donate at our Middle River Project link: