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How do I become a Friend of the Middle River?

It’s easy. Just fill out our simple online form.

What can I do as an individual to help improve the Middle River?

There are many things you can do. Here are a few ideas:

  • Recycle or discard toxic household items (batteries, paint, motor oil, etc.) responsibly.
  • Reduce or eliminate the chemical fertilizers you use to treat your yard. Instead, compost your grass clippings and use them as a fertilizer.
  • Use natural pest deterrents in your garden instead of harmful pesticides.
  • Plant more trees on your property – this filters our water table and may increase your property value, too.
  • Install a rain barrel to capture and retain water — this reduces rooftop run-off pollution and saves you money on your water bill, plus there is nothing like rainwater to help your garden grow!
  • If a river or stream flows through your property consider adding native plants at the bank to eliminate erosion and to add  oxygen to the water — there are private and public funds available to assist you.
  • If you are a farmer consider installing streamside fencing and alternative water to keep livestock out of streams. Not only does this help the Middle River, it also helps to improve herd health — there are private and public funds available to assist you.

Sites to check out:
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How can I help Friends of the Middle River?

First, please consider a donation. Next, decide if and how you’d like to volunteer. We have a lot of needs and plenty of openings. You can help out at individual events such as our river clean-ups, or join a committee. We invite people of all skills and abilities to join a committee on a voluntary basis to help with the following tasks:

Outreach & Education Committee

  • Participate in community-based river clean-up events (see our blog for the latest!)
  • Help to develop new activities and joint projects to expand our effectiveness and reach into schools
  • Man a booth at Earth Day and other venues
  • Help with marketing communications to distribute news to Friends and the community at large

Development Committee

  • Write applications and grants
  • Maintain this website and blog
  • Help with fundraising

Riparian Stewardship Committee

  • Help with monitoring river samples and river clean-ups
  • Become a trained stream monitor

If you’d like to volunteer to do something specific, or have other ideas, please contact us.

How can I be notified about volunteer opportunities?

Please be our friend on Facebook by clicking here.

Fill out our simple form to keep informed.

Do I have to be an official “Friend” to volunteer my time or talents?

No. We welcome all volunteers. If you can afford to donate money, we certainly appreciate it.

How will my donation be used?

Donations to Friends of the Middle River are used to support our broad range of activities including education, outreach, membership building, and water-quality monitoring and improvement projects.  The majority of funds are privately raised and used for specific projects in the Middle River Watershed.

We post updates about projects and their progress here at our website.

Please donate the amount of your choosing.