Fall 2016 Benthic Monitoring Results

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FOMR’s fall benthic monitoring was completed on October 16th.  Nine certified monitors and fourteen assistant monitors helped collect the critters and record the data.

Each site monitored receives a “score” – a number between 0 and 12 – from the VA Save Our Streams (SOS) Multimetric Index.  The SOS Multimetric Index score is a representation of the suitability of the stream for aquatic life. The score is determined by the number and kind of aquatic critters found in a water sample. You will find more info on benthic monitoring by clicking here.

  • An SOS Index score of 9 to 12 = Acceptable ecological condition for aquatic life
  • An SOS Index score of 8 = Ecological condition cannot be determined at this time (Gray Zone)
  • An SOS Index score of 0 to 7 = Unacceptable ecological condition for aquatic life

Sites & Scores (all sites are on main stem of Middle River):

  1. Summerdean Road    7     graph – 2011 to present
  2. Cattleman Road, Swoope    9     graph – 2011 to present
  3. Dogback Lane, Swoope    9     graph – 2013 to present             
  4. Green Hills Lane, Churchville    9     graph – 2011 to present
  5. Eastwood Drive, Churchville    10     graph – 2011 to present         
  6. Honeysuckle Hill, Middle River Road, Franks Mill    8     graph – 2011 to present
  7. River Ridge, Verona    9     graph – 2011 to present
  8. Cline Lane, Laurel Hill    10     graph – 2011 to present
  9. Dam Town Road, Ft. Defiance    9     graph – 2011 to present

Many thanks to the following FOMR volunteers who collected the samples and counted the critters: Pete Cooper, Paul Bugas, Sherry Stanley, Sara Jordan, Kate Guenther, Ann Cline, Adrie Voors, Chris & Kaylee Kasnosky,  Phillip Davis, Dustin Staton, Joe Thompson, Tom Shapcott, Wendy Turley, Scout Leaders Michael Shaner & Richard Tankard with three Scouts, several Master Naturalists, and Whit Morriss.

Thank you to Kate Guenther for recording the data for FOMR.