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Earth Day in Staunton on April 12th was a beautiful morning full of unique exhibits and demonstrations all about taking care of our planet.

photoFOMR was there with a little fishing pool for young children as well as a collection of benthic insects for both young and old and those curious about our benthic monitoring program.   To learn more about our stream monitoring program please click here.


FOMR also gave out seedlings to interested persons.  The seedlings    were donated to Earth Day by Conservation Services of Waynesboro.



Kites & Critters at Rolling Hills Farm in Staunton on April 13th was an afternoon of kite flying and conservation education.

Bobby's TourAt Carolyn Moore’s farm visitors were able to take a conservation tour which included an explanation of Riparian Buffers, Quail Habitat, Warm Season Grasses and Tree Planting.

Carolyn’s farm is located along Poague Run, a creek capable of supporting trout within the city limits of Staunton.  A section of Poague Run at Carolyn’s has been restored, and visitors  were able to see what a Stream Restoration looks like.

Patti and JakeVisitors were encouraged to plant a tree or take a seedling home with them.

Throughout the day the Stream Critters Station was very busy with FOMR volunteers helping visitors identify stream insects.

Children were able to release Brook Trout fingerlings into Poague Run at the Trout Release Station.

For an excellent article on the history of Poague Run and the work done to help restore it, please click here to go to Bobby Whitescarver’s “Poague Run – Sterling Example of Watershed Restoration” at his Getting More on the Ground blog.

Kites filled the sky that afternoon.  Thanks to Jeff May and Mac Sterrett there were kites of all shapes and sizes flying from the hillside above Poague Run.  Click here for a nice article from the Staunton Leader about the kites that day.

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