December E. coli Monitoring Results

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Christians Creek December Results

December’s results look very good except at the most upstream sites – Old Staunton Rd. and Peyton Hill Road.  Christians Creek is very narrow there because it’s just getting started.  There are also a lot of livestock with access to the stream there.  Downstream of Greenville, the results are excellent!

E. coli results are based on the number of E. coli Colony Forming Units or CFU per 100 milliliters of water (approximately 3.4 ounces) – CFU/100ml 

If the number of CFU/100ml is over 235, the water is not safe for recreational use.
Numbers in red below exceed 235 CFU/100ml.

 Christian Creek Sites (with score):
 Bridge on Old Staunton Road, Greenville   700 High
CC-PHR  Bridge on Peyton Hill Road, Greenville   534 High
CC-CMR  Bridge on Churchmans Mill Road near Stuarts Draft   67 Good 
CC-BBR  Bridge on Barterbrook Road near Staunton   200 Good 
CC-JR     Bridge on Jericho Road at Rt 250 at Brands Flat   67 Good 
CC-SL     Bridge on Sangers Lane near Staunton   134 Good 
CC-DD    On private property downstream of bridge on Sangers Lane   0 Excellent
CC-SJR   Bridge on St. James Road near Barren Ridge   0 Excellent
CC-BRR  Bridge on Barren Ridge Road near Verona   100 Good
CC-THR  Bridge on Tilt Hammer Road near Verona  134 Good

Barterbrook Branch site (with score):
BB-MML  Bridge on McCombs Mill Lane near Staunton   134 Good

Meadow Run site (with score):
MR-OMR  Bridge on Old Mill Road near Verona 67 Good

Good  – means the E. coli level is below the VA State Standard of 235water is safe for recreational use

High – means the E. coli level is above the VA State Standard of 235water is unsafe for recreational use

Christians Creek full spreadsheet here


Middle River Watershed

Main stem of Middle River:
MR1  Bridge on Summerdean Rd, Rt 602  67 Good
MR2  Bridge on Cales Spring Road, Rt 603  500 High
Bridge on Trimbles Mill Rd, Rt 707  200 Good
Bridge on Trimbles Mill Rd, Rt 707, at Boy Scout Lane  134 Good

Middle River full spreadsheet here

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