2020 Middle River Cleanup Week

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August is the time to again haul trash out of Middle River. August 15 – 23 will be our “Cleanup Week.” Though our efforts may look a little different this year to meet physical distancing requirements that COVID-19 demands, we are still seeking volunteers who want to get wet and muddy! Volunteers– following physical distancing guidelines– will be on teams and each team will paddle and walk a designated stretch of the river collecting trash. As an alternative, volunteers may opt to clean up a section of roadway adjacent to a stream. Teams will use their canoes as barges and the trash will then be unloaded and hauled to a dumpster at the Virginia Eagle Distributing Co. in Verona, a partner in this effort. Other cleanup partners include the County of Augusta and Green Earth, LLC.

Please contact Dave at fomr.mangun@gmail.com or call/text him at 540-607-6994 to get your questions answered and to sign up for a time or team. Getting dirty has never been so gratifying!