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2018 FOMR Float Trips

FOMR’s cooked up an array of monthly float trips this year that cover a variety of stretches of the Middle River in Augusta County. The goal of offering these trips is to familiarize participants with different boatable sections of the river and the available put-in and take-out sites that participants can use in the future if they join FOMR’s River Access Program. The Middle River is a quiet river—great for beginners and kids.

By joining the River Access Program—which is currently a free program—you get a River Access Permit and a put-in/take-out contact list that helps you secure permission to use the private lands of participating landowners to gain access to the Middle River. (The Middle River has almost NO public access. That’s why we are starting this program!)

FOMR is a Paddle America Club (PAC) member of the American Canoe Association (ACA).  All of FOMR’s floats follow the safety and insurance guidelines of the ACA. One guideline is that each participant must be member of the ACA, even if just for the day.  Membership in the ACA provides trip insurance for floats.  The cost of that insurance varies from $5 for one day to $30 for a full year.

FOMR charges $10 per person per float trip. Participants bring their own kayaks or canoes and other equipment. Your float fee buys you a $5 ACA one-day insurance coverage membership and $5 worth of FOMR raffle tickets.  If you already are a member of the ACA, you will receive $10 worth of raffle tickets! Join us this year, and see more of the Middle River as never before!

To sign up for a trip, email us at info@friendsofthemiddleriver.org.

Planned date River Section River Miles
May 26, 2018 Lebanon Church Rd. to FOMR Access at Verona Bridge 6.6 miles
June 24, 2018 Windswept Road Bridge to a private land on Dam Town Rd. 5.4 miles
July 28, 2018 Full Moon Trip– Verona Bridge to a private land on Mill Race Rd. 3.3 miles
August 26, 2018 Fishing Trip– Craig Shop Rd. to a private land near Mt. Meridian 3.1 miles
September 23, 2018 A private land on Mill Race Rd. to a private land on Bailey Rd. 6.1 miles

A detailed mile-marker map of the Middle River is available and downloadable at:


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